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 Cost of Smoking and Tobacco

 The cost of a pack of cigarettes averages
    around $5.00, including taxes. A pack-a-day
    smoker burns through about $31.50 per week,
    or $1,638 per year. A 3 pack-a-day smoker
    spends nearly $5,000 a year on cigarettes.

 Over a lifetime, the cost of cigarettes alone
   can add up to over $200,000, not including
   the other costs that go along with smoking.

 Smokers pay more for insurance. They lose
   money on the resale of their cars and homes.
   They spend extra on dry cleaning and
   teeth cleaning.



Benefits of a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

“Quitting smoking has immediate as well as long-term benefits. Within minutes and hours after smokers inhale that last cigarette, their bodies begin a series of changes that continue for years. Among these health improvements are a drop in heart rate, improved circulation, and reduced risk of heart attack, lung cancer and stroke. By quitting smoking today a smoker can have many healthier tomorrows.

Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H, FACS
United States Surgeon General from "The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Report of the Surgeon General, 2004"

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tobacco-free lifestyle.

Health Benefits

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Cost of Smoking and Tobacco

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